BAST: BatteryStatus

What is BAST?

BAST: Battery Status is a simple to use Battery Diagnostic tool providing you advanced information about your battery. These information include:

    • Current Capacity
    • Design Capacity
    • Max. Capacity
    • Min. Capacity
    • Cycle Count
    • Health

BAST is simple to use:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Privacy & Security
  3. Analysis Data
  4. Search and open the latest „Analytics-YYYY-MM-DD“-entry.
    Export the logfile using the Share Button on the top right side.
  5. Import the „Analytics-YYYY-MM-DD“-file into the App using the Import Button on the top left side.
  6. Please use the FAQ section inside the App if you are facing any issues.
The displayed values are based on the imported Logfile values. It cannot be guaranteed these values consist to the real battery values.

Privacy & OpenSource

BAST is completely open source. You can see the see the source code on GitHub.

BAST keeps your information private. Learn more about privacy